Understanding and creating your ideal candidate’s profile will improve your organisation’s performance.


“It’s increasingly difficult to find and retain the people with the suitable skills to hold positions. At 3dot1 we specialise in increasing team performance through people management.

We can conduct a survey of the market for which an executive is sought, and do research into the current situation of the client, including its market, mission, long- and short-term strategy, culture, corporate policies, and organisational climate.
With this profile definition and knowledge of the company, we achieve an adequate and successful search strategy.
During the selection process, we analyse the candidate’s individual or group competences using the latest and most effective techniques to guarantee their performance, ensuring that their professional goals and the organisation’s goals are met.”


Our Services Boutique

Talent acquisition and retention is a priority for all organisations that wish to have a competitive advantage in their market. Thus is it essential for these organisations to have in-depth knowledge of the talent landscape. 3dot1 provides real-time intelligence to support our clients’ talent strategies through a range of solutions to do exhaustively research the candidate’s profile.

Our research and talent recruitment services are personalised for each client’s specific goals and needs, and allows for full flexibility as regards the resources and capacity required.
We specialise in searching for senior management, in particular in the following industries:
Health & Beauty, Telecommunications, Fintech, Family Businesses. We are open to adding new industries to our portfolio.

Executive Search – Selection of Directors

At 3dot1 we identify and select the best professionals for executive positions, for direct recruitment by the company or for project management. We specialise in Headhunting focusing on international and national senior positions, such as CEOs, Chairs, Deputy Chairs, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors.

“Being a Boutique HeadHunting company allows us to conduct effective, agile processes for the search for and assessment of executives in different industries and services, and provides us with in-depth knowledge of the market and of the business.
Our searches are supported by innovative talent identification solutions which, together with our local and global networking, allow us to identify the ideal talent for your company. We conduct the search and assessment using a sound work methodology that we adapt to your needs, always guaranteeing the objectivity, confidentiality, quality, and speed of the process. Our main goal is to establish long-term trust relationships.”


Candidate Assessment

We integrate in the company culture and interact with supervisors and managers to analyse the individual or group competences of the position and the candidates, guaranteeing an assessment that ensures the achievement of professional and organisational goals.

Supporting Human Talent

We support HR departments in the optimisation of their processes:

  • CV drafting
  • Interviews by Competences
  • Group assessments
  • Structure and Results


We contribute to the creation of Favourable Environments.

We know the factors that a suitable work environment requires, and are ready to create them together with the management teams, establishing these processes:

  • Clear responsibility rules
  • Compensations
  • Recognition
  • Promotion
  • Assessment and feedback

Our work methodology enables us to identify the mix of the most relevant competences, so that 100% of the talent support and integration experience is productive.
We apply coaching techniques for a single purpose: to provide added value to the talent and to the organisation, in order to ensure operational business efficiency.