“We are proud of our enduring relationships with our clients and candidates.”

We do the right thing for our clients and our candidates, selecting the ideal talent for the organisation, keeping long-term success in mind.

3dot1 is your strategic partner specialising in talent search services based on human principles and quality. We use our own methodologies, personal relations strategies, and psychological analysis. We find outstanding candidates who can optimise and drive business models in Europe.


We have a positive view of things, believe in organisations and the people who constitute them, and have a broad view of the world and the ability to adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs.

We enjoy meeting good people, finding their story, wishes, and aspirations, and work with our partners and ideal candidates to ingrate them and facilitate their professional and personal success in organisations.




At 3dot1 we place qualified, loyal, and productive talent in the structure of an organisation, ensuring that their human and professional values are in line with the company’s organisational culture.
We commit, support, and achieve goals. For this reason, we at 3dot1 guarantee effective, quick integration.

Our search processes are confidential and specialised, based on our contact network and our tools for the analysis of various industries, identifying the right profile, and guaranteeing quick integration.


Trust: our priority is for our clients to feel comfortable and secure in the decision taken. We analyse the candidate’s professional and psychological profile to guarantee their stability and professional future.

Quality:  We strive to exceed clients’ expectations find human talent that meets all the standards and requirements to add excellence to the organisation.

Transparency: We conduct clear processes and communicate smoothly both with the candidate and with the client.

Passion: We love our work because of our personal contact with candidates and our clients’ satisfaction.

Success: Each of our clients has its own specific challenges and goals. We ensure that each of these challenges can be overcome and their goals can be successfully achieved.


Entrust us with your selection process