Executive Search

At 3dot1 we identify and select the best professionals for executive positions, for direct recruitment by the company or for project management.

Candidate Assessment

We integrate in the company culture and interact with supervisors and managers to analyse the individual or group competences of the position and the candidates, guaranteeing an assessment that ensures the achievement of professional and organisational goals.



Supporting Human Talent

We support HR departments in the optimisation of their processes:


  • CV drafting
  • Interviews by competence
  • Group assessments
  • Structure and Results



Cultural Integration

We know the factors that a suitable work environment requires, and are ready to create them together with the management teams, establishing these processes:

  • Clear responsibility rules
  • Compensations
  • Recognition
  • Promotion
  • Assessment and feedback



In what industry is your company?

We are always happy to add new partners to our portfolio

  • Technology and Telecommunications
  • Health and Beauty
  • Fintech
  • Marketing
  • Family Businesses
  • Finances
  • Trading
  • Sales




We have a positive view of things, believe in organisations and the people who constitute them, and have a broad view of the world and the ability to adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs.
We enjoy meeting good people, finding their story, wishes, and aspirations, and work with our partners and ideal candidates to ingrate them and facilitate their professional and personal success in organisations.


3 Candidates 2 Weeks 1 Proposal

At 3Dot1 we simplify our commercial relationships into three simple steps. Our effective methodology allows us to guarantee the best timing in the market and establish very close links with our clients. We want to sell success. We understand the value and the investment which organisations place in their human capital, and so know that loyal, capable, and committed people are required.

3 Candidates

We assess the industry.
We make use of our contact network.
We research and conduct a digital diagnosis.
We assess professional competences.
We find ideal talents for the position.

2 Weeks

We meet the candidates
We assess them outside their work environments.
We understand their vision and needs.
We assess their psychological profile.
We offer the best jobs to the best candidates.


1 Proposal

We integrate the candidate in the organisation.
We work with our candidates and develop them through coaching, helping them to adapt.
We select three talents, guaranteeing that they share the principles of the organisation’s culture.

Entrust your selection process